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(V) Patty Striker  April 10, 2000


Mrs. Striker was found on the morning of April 10, 2000, at the Striker Winery off County Road 172 in McMinn County. Mrs. Striker and her husband Stanly Striker owned the Winery and lived next door. On the morning of April 10, 2000, Mrs. Strikers’ body was found lying behind the counter by an employee of the Winery.




(V) Jack Eddie Jones  March 8, 1993


The body of Mr. Jones was found on March 8, 1993, on private property off County Road 875 in McMinn County, one fourth of a mile east of State Highway 411, near the J M Huber plant south of Etowah. Mr. Jones was discovered lying across the floorboard of his pickup truck, a beige 1979 GMC. The vehicle bore the evidence of a shotgun blast entry point through the back of the truck cab on the drivers’ side.

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